Experience The Sea Pines Resort

Experience The Sea Pines Resort

See family fun reimagined at an award-winning destination


1. The rental rates shown, when confirmed by receipt of deposit, are applicable only as they relate to the number of guests, time period, the type of reservation and accommodation as shown. Any changes may result in a rate change.

2. The guest understands that the Resort will exercise every reasonable precaution in the avoidance of error in preparation and confirmation of reservations. However, errors may, from time to time, occur. In the event an error is found, the Resort reserves the right to make such corrections as may be indicated without loss to the Resort. Notification of such correction will be provided to the guest at the earliest possible time, but no later than the date of the guest’s arrival.

3. The guest understands that should the premises become unavailable for their use through owner's sale of premises, owner occupancy or other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Resort, the Resort may substitute accommodations with best available, comparable resort accommodations for the same period.

4. Neither the Resort nor owner shall be responsible for providing any additional furnishings or equipment not available presently in the residence.

5. Rules and Regulations

a. Shooting of fireworks and carrying of firearms are prohibited.

b. No power vehicle of any kind may be driven on the beach.

c. Mini-bikes and motorcycles are not permitted.

d. Boat trailers, U-Haul trailers (or their like), campers, recreational vehicles, buses, etc. will be parked as directed by Resort security personnel.

e. The occupancy of the premises and use of community walkways to the beach, and use of the beach shall be sufficiently quiet and peaceful so as not to disturb the other residents of the neighborhood and their guests in the enjoyment of their vacation and facilities of the Resort.

f. Hanging of clothes and towels from the railings and other structures is prohibited.

g. Guest understands that if any member of their party violates any of the conditions or agreements of this confirmation or limitations in the description of Owner's property, the owner or Resort may terminate this agreement and enter the premises by force or by statutory proceedings.

6. The Resort will not be liable for theft of valuables. The Sea Pines Welcome Center maintains safe-deposit boxes for securing of guests' valuables. The Resort assumes no responsibility for articles/items left in safe-deposit boxes.


Resort Dress Code

Dining Establishments

The Sea Pines Resort offers a friendly, relaxed atmosphere; however, we kindly ask that you to wear appropriate attire while dining at our restaurants.

Proper Resort Attire:

Proper resort ladies attire includes dress slacks, dress jeans, dress shorts, dresses, skirts and blouses. Proper resort attire does not include t-shirts, workout or swim apparel.

Proper resort gentlemen's attire includes dress slacks, khaki slacks, dress jeans and dress shorts. Gentlemen are asked to wear a collared shirt or collarless dress shirt. Proper resort attire does not include t-shirts, tank tops, workout or swim apparel. Men's hats are not permitted when dining inside.

We thank you and hope that you will find these requests to add to the enjoyment of your visit, as well as complement the resort experience.

Casual Attire:

We ask that ladies wear appropriate cover-ups over their swimsuits while dining at our restaurants and that gentlemen wear shirts. Footwear is required. No wet bathing suits, please.

The Plantation Golf Club: Proper resort attire suggested. Non-smoking facility.

Fraser's Tavern: Proper resort attire.

The Quarterdeck: Casual attire.

Links, an American Grill: Proper resort attire.

Harbourside: Casual attire.

Harbour Town Bakery & Café: Casual attire.

The Sea Pines Resort's Golf Courses

Standard golf dress commensurate with the tradition of the game. Only conventional and appropriate golf attire may be worn on club grounds, golf course and practice areas. Shorts should rise no more than 4" above the knee for men and ladies. Apparel such as tennis shorts, cargo shorts/pants, denim shorts/pants, non-collared shirts and t-shirts are considered inappropriate. Hats are to be worn in the bill-forward position. Only golf shoes with soft spikes are permitted.

The Sea Pines Racquet Club

Standard tennis dress commensurate with the tradition of the game.

Harbour Town Swimming Pool

Swimmers and sunbathers are asked to wear appropriate swim suits. Cutoffs or gym shorts are not permitted while swimming in the pool. Children still in diapers must wear protective swimming pants or swim diapers.

The Sea Pines Resort Fitness Center

Appropriate exercise clothing and athletic shoes are required for use of the fitness center. Shirts are to be worn at all times.

Cell Phones: For safety reasons and for the enjoyment of others around you, the use of cellular phones is not permitted in our fitness areas or locker rooms. In the case of an emergency wherein a call must be answered, please do so discreetly, turn off the equipment in use, and move to the lobby area or outside.

Resort Wide

The Sea Pines Resort operates family-oriented facilities. Interpretation and enforcement of the dress code is at the sole discretion of the management staff at each location.

Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.

Please be courteous and considerate of others when using cell phones.



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